10 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Medical Marijuana Caregiver

What 10 things should you know when you find a Medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan or any other medical marijuana state ?  Typically many circumstances can weigh into the situation when you choose a medical marijuana caregiver.  Here is a quick list of things that you can look for or know in advance before you just choose anyone!  

  • Make sure its your choice ! Some dispensaries and doctors just pair you off with the first person that offers to pay for your license. This is the worst deal you can get !  Now you are supposed to buy meds from a person you never met whose horticulture skills maybe null 

  • Before you choose someone be sure you have done on the research on strains best used in treating you, the methods of ingestion you will require and how much you will require. Making enough concentrate oil for one round of cancer treatment cycle of 1000 plus milligrams of concentrates being higher than 60% thc can cost thousands of dollars.  If you are looking for pain relief you need to also find high cbd concentrates and strains or a mix!  Its all a craft and some caregivers have turned it into and art!
  • I am repeating again research your strains and make sure your caregiver is able to actually grow them in a quality manner. Not all strains are easy to grow, a caregiver that grow 3 quality strains for years is often more valuable than one that grows every new seed he finds!
  • Be sure your clear and honest about the amount of meds you expect to have available. When I say this .. never expect your caregiver to break the law with the grow. But if you are donating for all they grow for you than you should get it and your caregiver should not be always be running short. 
  • Do not expect to get everything free or huge monthly overages.  Caregivers give patients extra because they actually do care for the most part.  But they have to make some into other meds like edibles and oils etc ...    If you donate and help with electricity for say 4 ounces a month and get one extra for reimbursing your caregiver for costs as is in many medical states part of the deal ... Hey you did get a deal !
  • Definitely ask to see samples before you make someone a caregiver look at it , smell it etc ... I mean if its smells moldy , does not look very good or smell good or is really dry or wet, seedy yes I said seedy   ...  (its been years since I saw a bunch of pounds compacter commercial chock full of beans but hey ! )   I mean you are doing this for your health not to get sicker!
  • Feel free to get a caregivers weed tested !  I mean hell it takes a few grams of weed , oil, hash or even edibles and they can tell you if there are any harmful toxins, molds or other chemicals in it and as well you will know the potency and competency of your grower !  To test varies state to state starting from 30 to 70 or so dollars. 
  • Inquire as to how the caregiver grows ?  Hydroponic, Organic ? Dirt Farmer ?   Does he grow inside or outside ?  Does he use any pesticides or chemical nutrients ? 
  • Come to mutual agreement of times available for getting and receiving meds!  I mean one a week , once a month?   Meeting more often or less ?   These are important things to know !
  • Just as important being assured that the caregiver will have your meds and your type of med. I mean if you do not smoke and its required you need to ingest it orally than a bag of buds is not going to help!

 Well there I am sure are many more things that should be though about before you pick a medical marijuana caregiver but this will get you on your way !  Whether its vaping or medical cannabis infused edibles your caregiver should be someone you trust in assisting you with the finest medicines.